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This is one section of a no repeat wrap around storyline. #10529

At Designers Choice Tile we make unique tile murals, no repeat storyline wrap around and single tile designs, made in the USA to fit your space.

Let designer Dick Sizemore help you make your project pop. Western - Wildlife - Fly Fishing - Native American - Nature and/or Landscapes.

Using Ceramic or Textured Glass Tile for your Ranch, Cabin, Home, Den, Kitchen, Bathroom, Trophy Room or Entry Wall or Floor.

Western bathroom tile mural

Wildlife bathroom shower tile wrap around, no repeat storyline

Western ceramic tile bathroom vanity with grazing horses wrap around.

Western tile wrap around, bathroom vanity backsplash no repeat storyline featuring grazing horses

Western tile mural

Kitchen range backsplash mural with Cutting Horse in action.

Wildlife tile mural

Kitchen range backsplash mural Elk in a mountain landscape.

Trophy Room wildlife tile wrap around, no repeats storyline

The above photos are customer project photographs.

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Western, Wildlife, Fly Fishing, Nature and Native American Single Tiles



Fly Fishing


Native American

Tile Mural or Murals, Wrap Around Storyline, of Wildlife, Western, Equestrian, Cowboy, Cowgirl, Rodeo, Texas Tile, Fly Fishing, Native American images that can be adjusted, color coordinated and expanded to fit your space!

Tile murals, wrap around storylines, single design tile accent tiles, featuring Wildlife, Western, Equestrian, Cowboy, Wild West, Old West, Native American or Fly Fishing subjects on Ceramic or Textured Glass tile to create a unique atmosphere for your home improvement project.

Kitchen backsplash, bathroom shower, vanity storylines, entryway floor murals, water proof wall hangings etc. all for your home, cabin, lodge, apartment or business new or remodel.


Not recommended for high UV exposure.

Read TILE TYPES to select the correct tile for your application.


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Kitchen and bathroom backsplash wrap arounds and murals.


This website has many galleries, each gallery contains several images. There are full color images for spot tiles or multiple tile murals. Images for single tile applications, or create a "Storyline" wrap around or tile murals. With the images, murals and storyline wrap arounds, can be created for you kitchen backsplashes, bathrooms, showers, laundries, fireplaces, mud rooms, counter tops and entryway etc. There are images of Elk, Mule Deer, Moose, Buffalo, Bear, Whitetail Deer, Canadian Geese, Ringneck Pheasant, Hunting Dogs, Bald Eagle, Horses, Rodeo, Texas Longhorn, Livestock Brands, Fly Fishing and Landscape images. The landscape images allow great flexibility in designing murals and storylines tying your choice of images together. Any one or a combination will make your project unique for your home improvement, new home, cabin, lodge or business. Check Tile Types for your tile size and type.

Review the subject links in the left hand column, each will open a gallery of images pertaining to that subject.

There is a image directory called Product # Directory at the top of the left hand column. While browsing the web site if you will write down the number of the images you are interested in, you will easily be able the go back to each image using the image number in the Product # Directory.


As a home owner, I spent countless hours looking for decorative design tiles and tile murals with images of Western, Wildlife, Native American and Fly Fishing subjects for an ongoing home improvement project of my home. I want my home to reflect my personality. In several rooms I have created themes. For example in one of the bathrooms, I created a Western or Cowboy theme, the interior design features old western boots, spurs, well-used cowboy hats, neckerchiefs, ancestral photographs of family reproduced on to tile. (this is a great way to display old family photos so originals are not destroyed by the moisture that can form in a bathroom), rustic western furniture with wash pan and antique family air looms on the shelves. A second bathroom, the interiors design is North American Wildlife. Big game animal tiles around the room. A hunter's bathroom paradise. The kitchen is a mix of Western, and Native American subjects. The fabric on the bench pillows, Native American designs on the china, antique style dinner wear, light fixtures, furniture, cabinets, tile trim and flooring, all play their part in creating a decorative American West design. I wasn't’ interested in the traditional, repetitive design tile images that were merely a repeat of the same image. I never did find what I was looking for. So, as a forty-year veteran graphic designer, I went to work and created what I call “Storyline Tiles.” The new Western, Wildlife, Native American and Fly-Fishing storyline tiles will play a big part in accomplishing a unique atmosphere for my home.


Since the creation of "Storylines" the question often comes up;

What are “Storylines?"

I'm sure as you have roamed about the country, watched a move, read a book, or had a first hand experience, many stories have revealed themselves, whitetail deer grazing in the meadow, mother bear and her cubs meandering through the forest, the majestic bull moose feeding in the marsh, a horseback rider on the hillside, a fly fisherman in the early morning mist casting a line across the crystal clear mountain stream. Each experience tugs a little at your romantic heart and leaves a good feeling all over you. By creating a single row of tile with scene like these, we have created a "Storyline." Some storylines may only be three or four tiles and others might be all the way across your kitchen backsplash, or all the way around the bathroom or shower, some may become inlaid tiles on a table or applied to other furnishings. Some will become a tile wall hangings.

Silhouette images on this web site are vary flexible, some seam to be duplicates, but subtle changes have been made. Landscape images have been added or subtracted, a Black Bear has been switched for a Antelope etc.

Miner changes to a design at no charge. Multiple changes or changes to the composition will have an art charge. E-mail or call for an estimate.

Full color images are fixed, no color changes and size have some limits


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Western ceramic tile bathroom vanity with grazing horses wrap around.
Western ceramic tile bathroom vanity with grazing horses wrap around.